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Gregory TUC

Human Resources Developer

Coaching and handicap ?  ... why not !

I am Grégory TUC, founder of the coaching firm WYTIWYG . Certified professional coach, I work in public or private organizations, in support of HR departments and disability missions , to support and secure the taking on or evolution of the position of employees with disabilities and thus ensure their maintenance in employment.

With a general engineering and humanist training, I have always had a pronounced taste for human relations and this has been a "common thread" in my life course.

Meeting and supporting humans, encouraging them to dare to harmonize with their deep aspirations, values and talents has always been a real source of motivation for me and naturally oriented me towards this profession of professional coach.

My career is based on twenty years of management, including twelve as Site Director of a large adapted company specializing in digital technology, serving the support and professionalization of people with disabilities.

Throughout this professional and human adventure in contact with all these people with most often invisible disabilities , I understood that the adapted company was a solution without being "The" solution for the vast majority of these people. It can only be transitory . Our so-called “ordinary” organizations must imperatively adapt to accommodate these determined, committed and competent people more broadly; thus becoming “ extraordinary ” and fully assuming their social responsibility .

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Develop responsible performance ...

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The subject of inclusion is a subject suited to coaching since it is essentially built around "limiting" representations and thoughts on the notion of disability. When companies think, always wrongly of course, that a disabled person cannot at all perform the same tasks and the same work as an able-bodied, for their part, disabled people do not go, most often of the time. case, to feel legitimate enough or to feel confident enough to run for the same professions as the able-bodied.

Thanks to coaching , your employees will be able to feel and experience the benefits of specific and adapted support. Thus giving them the " power to act " while developing a culture of " empowerment ". In passing, spreading a lasting awareness of disability within teams and developing stronger cohesion between employees.

You know, like me, that training is only one end of the answer in supporting your employees . Professional coaching and co-development are ideal complements.

To initiate or develop this support approach within your organization, I suggest that you put my expertise and skills at your service to support not only your employees with disabilities but also your local managers ... your future "managers 2.0 or coach managers ”who also play a key role in the success of your inclusive HR strategy .

4 important values in my work

  • Openness to listen, take the time to understand and value diversity

  • Co-responsibility so that everyone finds their place and do their part

  • Confidentiality which guarantees the quality of the relationship.

  • The humor that often simplifies things!


  • Adapted Company Director (Disability)

  • 20 years of management

  • 12 years supporting people with disabilities

  • Organizations SMEs - ETI - LARGE COMPANIES

  • Management of Design Office, Business Unit, Technical, Commercial

  • BtoC, BtoB services environment


  • Practitioner diploma Certified RNCP & supervised professional coach

  • Coach transition and career orientation specialization

  • Managerial co-development facilitator certification

  • Arts & Crafts Engineer Diploma

  • Master 2 in Business Administration

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